Canva- Create Beautiful Designs

Want to create beautiful designs but don’t have designing skills? 

Canva is one of the best tool for that. With Beautiful templates and  features create designs that professional. 

All the Designs on this website are made on Canva.  

( Even with my poor designing skills, this looks pretty cool! Right?

Click Here to Try Canva   ( Oh! The most amazing features are FREE!)


Trello- Project Management Tool

Working on a Team project or a huge project can be difficult when a lot of things have to be done.

Trello is  one tool that can be used to organize all your work in one place. It is also great for team collaboration and management.

You can create boards and cards with in each board.

Visit Trello to organize projects.

Get Pocket- Web Pages Bookmarking Tool

You are surfing the waves of the WWW and come across inspiration or some webpage that you want to visit later.

What do you do?

Bookmark that page for future reference and visit it anytime you want.

Just add the extension to chrome and Bookmark it.

Try Get Pocket

Milanote tool

Milanote- Organize your Ideas

Want to structure your thoughts and create mind maps ? 

Or simple want to take notes?  

Use this Non- linear idea organization tool that is perfect for all creative minds and content creators.

Try Milanote 


LOOM- Screen and Video Recorder

Struggling to record yourself and your screen at the safe time? 

Loom will help you to do both at the same time. You can also record just the screen if you want.

Add the extension to your chrome browser and record away.

Try Loom