Swareena Agagrwal- Creator with a purpose

Hey , I am Swareena!

A Professional Content Marketing, SEO content writing, Branding Expert.


Let me tell you a story!

 Four year ago I started my College with no direction whatsoever.  Spent 2 years searching for something that I would actually love to do., tried many things, failed at many and then realized that I have been doing the since i was a child.

I always knew that I had a way with words. I could write like I felt it.





Writing to me is like sarcasm to Chandler, Cleanliness to Monica, Fashion to Rachel, Dinosaurs to Ross, Food to joey and Awesomeness to Phoebe. { Some FRIENDS reference there}

It just comes naturally to me. 

However, for a long time I didn’t know the power of Words. I didn’t understand how they can move people, change the world or even make/break a Business.

Then a few years ago, I got introduced to the magic of Digital Marketing and learnt how content can be leveraged to build a Legacy.

But Content is not Enough.

A Business needs a Brand and the power of a Search Engine to build trust with the customers .



Swareena Aggarwal
Content| SEO| Branding

So, Today I am here.

Helping Businesses and Brands leverage all of that and Create a Solid Content Marketing Strategy that not only builds trust with customers but also Brings them one step closer to conversion.


Focus is Magic

When I say that I don’t take it lightly. I even got it Tattooed on my hand and it reminds me how powerful focus can be. 

FOCUS POCUS – When you focus long enough, when you focus on the right thing.. magic happens.

It can bring about creation and it bring out results never seen before. 

The Tattoo on my hand is a reminder of the fact and it reminds me to focus on my  WHY.



Focus Pocus Tattoo Design | Tattoo Idea
Passion, positivity and pereseverance

The Question of WHY?

What an extraordinary question! Answer to which is the reason of our existence. 

WHY is the center of Existence. I personally function on My WHY. It drives me, motivated me and keeps me going.

That is why,  it’s my aim to understand your brand’s WHY and then help you more a step closer to it. By helping your brand to reach the customers whose lives will change for good because of you.

For me Success is achieving my Why and helping you to achieve yours. 

I wanted to create some difference and being a student made me realize the importance of Internships and trainings. That is where the idea of Intern Smartly came to be. The idea to change how internships work.


The venture idea got incubation in NSRCEL ,IIM-B and is currently under development.




“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.”

Edward Everett

Every Problem is just an opportunity to perform better

(FUN) Facts About Me

What helps me Destress?


Reading Books

Sleeping (zzzzz.)

What kind of Coffee I drink?

Black! End of the story.

Favourite Fiction Book?

Harry Potter. ( The Book Series)

Multitasker or Not?

Absolutely NOT!!!

Favourite T.V Series?

F.R.I.E.N.D.S  (Duhhh..)

Childhood Crush?


Things I am Good at?

Things I am good at?

Can’t really list them down here!!!!

(Writing, Manifestation, Makeup…… )

Things I am Good at?

Content Creation